Director, Designer, Animator, Compositor, Sound Designer


The Art Directors Club: 91st ADC Awards + Exhibition
Silver: Design & Motion Special Effects, 2012



Ecosystem Inside ÷ Ecosystem Outside = Balance

The modern world’s increasing distance from nature has left us disconnected from the natural world. Therefore, I chose to express this relationship between human well-being and nature by drawing parallels between how the ecosystem in nature can be reawakened by an ecosystem inside our body. By taking you on a journey through the chakras, I hope to better your senses about your relationship to mother nature and how we can only begin to heal her by starting within ourselves.



Doug Chang : : Director, Author, Designer, Pre-Vis, Animator, Compositor, Sound Designer
Mike Reyes : : Cinematographer
Filippo Nesci : : Cinematographer
Clair Chang : : Assistant Camera
Edward Cushenberry : : Lighting Assistant
Russia Hardy : : Figure Model

Special Thanks to Rob Garrott, Mike Reyes, Filippo Nesci, Clair Chang, Chris Acedillo for the Slider Rental, Elizabeth Bayne for too much equipment, Gurkan Erdemli for giving me kit lights, Nicolette Wood